QUESTIONNAIRE CONSUMER PREFERENCES FOR PRINT MEDIA VERSUS ELECTRONIC MEDIA Dear respondent, Thank you for agreeing to take part in this important survey measuring the consumer preference for print newspaper or e-newspaper. Instagram vs Twitter vs Facebook. I’m not sure, but I think you’re asking about media research terms. Thanks for your interest in our Media Preferences Survey. Usually, this research is used by media planners at the highest levels of media buying. AU - Konijn, E.A. By taking with this survey, you agree that you are at least 16 years of age and a current Mitchell student. There are no wrong answers and responses are anonymous. This questionnaire also helps marketing and online advertising people to identify how best they can use various social media platforms … Complete our Media Prefs survey to get entered! The Survey Young adults were surveyed on media consumption/usage on websites, reading newspapers and magazines 11. Web survey powered by This survey is intended for students currently enrolled in at least one Curriculum or Continuing Education course at Mitchell Community College. Media Preferences Survey. Want a chance to win a $150 Amazon gift card? Media Preferences Survey. TV vs YouTube. Media “I don’t have a preference. Take a survey to tell us what you prefer. The answers can provide critical information for keeping in touch with our community and marketing our college and programs effectively. T1 - Validating the media, morality, and youth questionnaire (MMaYQue): A scale to assess media preference and moral judgment of antisocial media content. This is open to all SCC students currently enrolled in at least one credit class. The information you provide is confidential and secure. We want to understand how students like you use media. Media Preference Survey. Create your own online survey now with SurveyMonkey's expert certified FREE templates. Questionnaire for Consumer preference for newspapers 1. We asked them a series of questions about which types of media they prefer for news versus entertainment, what devices they view media on and which services they use most often. 2 Incidentally, the same public opinion study moni-tors the extent to which residents of Slovenia have been satisfied with democracy since 1995. • Data was collected once a year over a three year period, 2008-2010. • College students were asked to anonymously take the survey. media, and the fluctuation thereof, over an extended period of time. SPSCC is participating in a survey that asks our community about their media preferences. A social media survey questionnaire is used to understand the use of social media tools and how often people are using various tools. PY - … Media Preferences Survey . Media Preference Survey - Conducted 2014 Marketing Divsion Frequency Percent % Responses % Cases* Direct mail - Postcards 242 9% 19% E-mail 1073 42% 83% Telephone 29 1% 2% Text message 163 6% 13% Print material (e.g., course catalog) 269 10% 21% by city Yavapai College website 694 27% 54% Social media 94 4% 7% Other 8 0% 1% 2572 100% 199% At the end you'll have an opportunity to enter a drawing for a $150 Amazon gift card. Media Habits: Generally, this is the “media usage” of any target group. AU - Plaisier, X.S. Mobile devices are more convenient but traditional TV-based media can be more Viewing relaxing since I sit on the couch.”Preferences “I enjoy being at home, watching regularly scheduled T.V., but internet-based allows me to watch it even if Im not home. Radio vs Livestream. Data Collection • Survey was developed, using paper and and then online surveys. Presented By: 2. The media industry, for its part, measures the preference of media outlets and specific media content among audi-

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